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Pneumatic Videos

Trello vs Pneumatic: Why Manage Everything by Hand if Pneumatic Can Manage It for You 1-minute watch

Trello vs Pneumatic: Why Manage Everything by Hand if Pneumatic Can Manage It for You

Trello is an easy to use and very engaging agile management tool that works great for small projects but can quickly become unwieldy as the number of projects and tasks in each of them go through the roof: Pneumatic takes the chaos out of the equation and lets you focus on what needs doing now.

Monday vs Pneumatic: A Crafts Workshop vs Assembly-Line Mass Production 1-minute watch

Monday vs Pneumatic: A Crafts Workshop vs Assembly-Line Mass Production

Monday allows you to easily create tasks for you to manage by hand with relative ease: the approach works well for small projects but breaks down for large ones. Pneumatic gives you assembly-line workflows that excel for managing business processes of any size or complexity.

Pneumatic Workflow Template Generator 1-minute watch

Pneumatic Workflow Template Generator

Pneumatic offers an AI-powered workflow template generator that serves as your own private BPM consultant: just describe the business process you want to build, and Pneumatic’s AI will generate the steps this kind of business process would normally consist of.

Quick Product Overview 3-minute watch

Quick Product Overview

A quick intro to how you can create, manage and track the progress of workflows. See how Pneumatic can improve your team's operations: such as Content Development, Product Improvement, Bug Reporting, and others.

Pneumatic Dashboard Overview 2-minute watch

Pneumatic Dashboard Overview

A 2-minutes demo shows the dashboard, shows how to switch between tasks and workflows, explain the difference between the two views - what you see in the tasks dashboard vs what you see in the workflows dashboard, explains about the time periods and the numbers shown in the metrics.

Working With Tasks 3-minute watch

Working With Tasks

Learn about how to view tasks, select a task, fill out output fields, end or return the underlying workflow, complete a task, view the log of the underlying workflow and add comments with rich text formatting, embedded videos and images.

Task Management in Pneumatic 3-minute watch

Task Management in Pneumatic

This video demonstrates where to see the tasks assigned to you. How to choose which tasks to work on. How to open and complete individual tasks.

Working With Workflows 3-minute watch

Working With Workflows

Learn how to work with workflows: how to filter them, what to do with them, filter workflows by template and stage, view them, choose one, return it to a previous stage, make a clone, show how to run a shared workflow.

Intro to Pneumatic Workflow 1-minute watch

Intro to Pneumatic Workflow

Workflow management shines when it comes to maximizing team velocity so Pneumatic is first and foremost a system designed for teams.

Information Flow via Data Fields 3-minute watch

Information Flow via Data Fields

Pneumatic allows you to build workflows that assign tasks and create task descriptions dynamically, based on user inputs, letting you seamlessly share new information throughout the workflow.

Adding Guests to Tasks 1-minute watch

Adding Guests to Tasks

Engage with external users by inviting them to your tasks as guest performers completely free of charge - the feature's available in all plans, including our forever free option.

Engaging With External Users 2-minute watch

Engaging With External Users

Pneumatic, being an open system, allows you to easily engage with external users via shareable kick-off forms and by inviting them as guests to tasks. The latter feature is completely free of charge and unlimited - invite as many guests as you want to as many tasks as you want.

Getting Started With Workflow Templates 4-minute watch

Getting Started With Workflow Templates

Learn how to build your first workflow template We'll be building a simple new hire onboarding process.

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