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11-minute read

Top Workflow Management Systems on the Market

What is a workflow management? A workflow is a sequence of steps that produce a predictable result. In general, a running business can be viewed as a collection of workflows that are run over and over

7-minute read

API Usage Example: Estimating Workflow Completion Dates

Use Case Let’s assume we want to: Extract data about our workflow runs from the Pneumatic Public API; Store resulting data in the Google Sheet; And the massage exported data to get a nice looking cu

10-minute read

Kissflow vs Process Street Review 2023: Free Plans, Features, Documentation and Pricing

Keep It Simple, Keep it Flowing, Keep Kissflow Kissflow is a heavy-duty enterprise-grade system that gives you the option to use proper sequential workflows for some processes and Kanban boards for ot

10-minute read

Pipefy vs Process Street Comparison 2023: Dashboards, Database, Workflow Features and Pricing

Tasks on Steroids vs Checklists on Steroids What if I told you that you could build workflows as checklists or as customized Kanban boards? Well, Process Street and Pipefy offer you just that: in the

10-minute read

Kissflow Review: Side-by-Side Features Comparison and Pricing

Kissflow tries to be an end-all and be-all of business process management: It gives you workflows. But you’re not limited to completing tasks one after another, you can choose to configure steps in

12-minute read

Tallyfy for Business Process Management: Pros and Cons

Tallyfy and Pneumatic are quite similar in terms of the niche they both target, which is business process management and optimization. The marketing messaging of both includes such keywords as “

13-minute read

Pipefy Review — How Good Is It in 2023?

Rigid agility vs waterfall flexibility Pipefy is an agile task manager on steroids that lets you design custom Pipes, or sequences of phases that your tasks move through on a Kanban-like board. So you

11-minute read

Process Street Review 2022: Features, Benefits, Prices

Pros and Cons Let’s take a closer look at the two system by comparing them side by side on a selection of criteria that are usually deemed important for workflow management systems: Pneumatic (4.24)

2-minute read

Zapier Integration

What is Zapier Zapier is an online zero-code integration platform that allows you to set up trigger-action type of links between different SaaS apps. The basic principle is very simple - you choose a

2-minute read

Zero Code Integrations

What they are Zero code integrations are integration solutions that allow you to connect Pneumatic to other SaaS apps without writing a line of code. Pneumatic offers free out-of-the-box zero code int

3-minute read

Uploading Files via API

Attachment Fields One type of data field supported by Pneumatic is the attachment field. These expect the user to upload a file to Pneumatic: For example, in a bug report SOP, the user may be required

3-minute read

Launching Multiple Workflows From Google Sheets

Use Case for Pneumatic’s Public API The way we would go about is we would first get information about what kickoff form inputs we’d need to supply for each workflow and use those to structure our

4-minute read

Exporting Values From Workflow Data Fields

Set up your Environment We’ve prepared a Google Sheets spreadsheet for you with an AppScript that accesses Pneumatic’s Public API using an API key and template ID that you supply. You can find it

3-minute read

Crash Course: Upgrading Your Business From Tasks to Workflows

Workflows vs Tasks A task is a single piece of work assigned to one or several people, usually with the expectation that they will complete it within a certain period of time. One fundamental property

3-minute read

Pneumatic Premium vs Process Street Pro

Pneumatic Process Street Price$10 per user/month$30 per user/month Workflow TemplatesUnlimitedUnlimited Workflow RunsUnlimitedUnlimited Data StorageUnlimitedUnlimited storage (100MB / file) Workflow C

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