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Pneumatic's Plans: Free, Unlimited, and Fractional COO

Pneumatic is revolutionizing how businesses manage their workflows, offering a very simple framework of plans: Free, Unlimited, and Fractional COO. The single entry point is the 7-day trial where you get access to all the features as in the Unlimited Plan.

Unlimited Plan — Unlimited Features, Unlimited Users

Pneumatic offers a solution that doesn’t just cater to your immediate requirements but anticipates and adapts to your future aspirations

  • Grow Without Hesitation. With Pneumatic, we don’t penalize you for success. In fact, we want you to succeed. Every new member, be it an in-house team player or a remote contractor, is a testament to your thriving operations — and they’re all included.
  • Hassle-Free Workflows. Dive into a seamless experience tailored for ambitious enterprises. With Pneumatic, you harness best-in-class workflows without ever stressing about licensing costs. It’s efficiency, uncomplicated.
  • Embrace All Collaborators. From remote freelancers on platforms like Upwork to potential partners, vendors, and job applicants — everyone who is pivotal to your operations is covered. We’re adaptable, just like your ever-evolving business needs.
  • Clear and Competitive Pricing. For just $79 per month (billed annually) or $99 (billed monthly), it’s not just a deal. It’s an investment in unhindered operational success.

Beyond Price — The Fractional COO Plan

Our $79/month package is undeniably value-packed. But we understand that for many CEOs and COOs, it’s not solely about cost. In a fast-paced world, finding the right people and time for tech integration often becomes the real challenge.

Enter the Fractional COO plan. Not only is it transparently priced with a flat rate, including unlimited licenses for unmatched affordability and clarity, but it’s also your direct line to dedicated expertise.

It includes an access to:

  • Dedicated Integration Developer. Integrate Pneumatic seamlessly with your current platforms, whether it’s through Zapier or native methods.
  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist. Whether it’s embedding Pneumatic into your website forms or facilitating a seamless team onboarding, our experts ensure an effortless transition.

Expect a fully tailored solution ready for your operations within a concise timeframe of 4-8 weeks. For businesses eager to maintain agility and push boundaries, our Fractional COO plan isn’t just another service — it’s a steadfast commitment to your growth.

The Free Plan — Keeping Startups in Motion

We understand the dynamism and unpredictability that often comes with launching and running startups. Financial hiccups are a part of the entrepreneurial journey, and we’ve got your back during those times. Should you ever find yourself needing to tighten the purse strings, you can seamlessly cancel any of our premium plans.

Once your premium plan or trial concludes, your next login will present an option to switch to our Free Plan, ensuring uninterrupted workflow management.

What the Free Plan entails:

  • Limited but Adequate. Catering to smaller teams, the Free Plan supports up to five users.
  • Maintain Momentum. Equip your operations with up to five active workflow templates, giving you the freedom to run an unlimited number of workflows per template.
  • Simplified Access. To keep things straightforward, all account users in the Free Plan can access and modify all templates.

At Pneumatic, we believe that every business phase has its unique needs. Our Free Plan is tailored to ensure that even during lean times, your workflow doesn’t miss a beat.