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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable process is a critical business function that involves the management of payments to suppliers for products or services procured. The process includes the verification of invoices, approval acquisition, cost-saving identification, and timely payment release.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable process involves evaluating and extending credit to clients, collecting timely payments for services provided, and maintaining healthy cash flow.

Budget Transfer Request

The Budget Transfer Request business process serves as a crucial document that an employee submits to gain budget relocation approval, including a justification for doing so.

Business plan budgeting

The Budgeting template is designed to assist in the annual budgeting process that a company needs each year to manage how funds will be allocated over the next year.

Business Revenue

Track your budget and plan expanses using Pneumatic's Business Revenue Template. Keep your finances organized with automations, alerts, reports, and more.

CAPEX Request

The CAPEX Request process is a critical component of financial accounting that requires thorough evaluation and planning. It involves automating the CapEx management system to expedite the request and review process, as well as secure audit records for governance purposes.

Check Request

This business process is designed to streamline the receiving, analyzing, and approving of check requests within a company's finance and accounting organization.

Corporate Card Request

The Corporate Card Request process is designed to enable employees to pay for pre-approved business expenses, such as hotels, meals, rental cars, flights, etc., through an automated workflow.

Debt Collection

Manage all your defaulting clients more easily and intuitively with Pneumatic's Debt Collection template.

Employee Expense Claim

The Employee Expense Claim is a process through which employees can seek reimbursement for business-related expenses incurred during the course of their job.

Employee loan

This process is designed for managing the process of loaning money to employees, from requirement process, permission for this loan to be made, and payment.

Expense Reimbursement

Transform your Expense Reimbursement process with digital, no-code and quick-to-deploy workflows. Receive requests, invoices, receipts and documents in a single place, and ensure that the finance team has everything they need to kick-off the reimbursement process.

Expense Report

A streamlined process to automate the sending of receipts and reports, and get approvals quickly from finance managers.

Financial Department Requests

Centralize Finance Department Requests in a single place with Pneumatic. Provide your finance teams with full visibility and control of their operational workflow in a single streamlined, error-proof platform.

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