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The Benefits of Workflow Management for Your Business

Going from task management to workflow management takes your business to the next level of performance. Chaos is replaced with clearly-defined repeatable procedures that can reliably produce the same result. By organizing your tasks into sequences, you can boost the efficiency of your business by several orders of magnitude.

Pneumatic is a powerful workflow management system deliberately designed to make workflow management super easy and accessible. It offers a number of powerful features to ensure that you have all the flexibility you need to iteratively design and refine your standard operating procedures.


Workflows minimize routine errors
and inconsistencies

Workflows are to operations management what spellcheckers are to writing. Sure there’s always going to be the human factor and error-free operation is an impossibility but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to get rid of routine inconsistencies and that’s what having a set of SOPs can help you achieve.


Workflows improve communication
by making it more effective

When you organize business-related communication within your company around workflows it makes all communication several orders of magnitude more relevant. In Pneumatic, when you get notified that you’ve been mentioned or assigned a task, the system takes you directly to the relevant workflow so you can see the relevant context and hit the ground running with your reply.


Properly designed workflows
can boost productivity

Standard operating procedures free your staff from having to manage tasks in manual mode. Once the right standard operating are designed in put in place, your company can pretty much run itself. The added benefit is that you can always go back, analyze the performance and adjust your SOPs accordingly to remove any bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Workflows eliminate redundancy
and minimise waste

A workflow is a sequence of steps that reliably produce the same result. It’s vital to understand that workflows are all about continuous improvement: you build workflows, you analyze performance, then you go back to iteratively refine it to minimize waste.


Automatic task management

When tasks are organised into workflows, the assignment of tasks can be fully automated at the level of workflows - when one task is completed, the next task in the workflow immediately gets assigned to relevant performance. There is no need to manually track the progress of tasks through workflows - the workflow management system does these routine tasks for you.

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