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Application Maintenance and Support

This process aims to manage and organize the support issues reported in a business using a kanban model.

Bike Rental Management

A comprehensive process to manage and track bike rentals for bike rental shops.

Cargo Vehicle Insurance Claim

This process is for reporting and handling insurance claims related to cargo vehicles.

Case Management

This business process aims at efficiently managing and handling cases by leveraging Pneumatic Case Management Template. It allows for easy reception of requests via a public form, quick information analysis, and automated email communication with the requester.

Churn Management

A standardized workflow to manage customer churn effectively, offering a good experience even up until the last engagement.

Class Scheduling

This business process is designed to assist in the creation and management of class schedules.

Client's Equipment Maintenance

A process for controlling and tracking clients' repair requests and keeping the client informed through automatic email templates.

Complaint Management

Pneumatic Complaint management template is a simple and complete way to organize your complaints in your company.

Complaints Follow-up Agroindustrial

This process aims to help agroindustrial managers track, control, and communicate effectively with customers about their issues and complaints.

Concierge Service

The Concierge Service process is a crucial aspect of a hotel's customer service. It involves handling a variety of guest needs, from simple tasks like restaurant reservations to more complex ones like healthcare requirements.

Concierge Services

A process to handle and fulfill hotel guest requests for restaurant, museum, concert, and theater reservations.

Contact Inbox

The Contact Inbox business process is aimed at centralizing, organizing, and responding to customer contacts effectively and efficiently.

Coworking Space Rental

This business process aims to streamline the management of coworking space rental requests and foster effective communication with clients.

Customer Communication Management

This business process is aimed at managing all communication with customers including assigning responsible persons, drafting and managing release notes, managing communication channels and automating email sending.

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