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Template Generator

Our Workflow Template Generator recognizes your specific needs and requirements and generates custom workflow templates in moments, just give it a few pointers about what kind of workflow you need.

Cold Calling

A structured process to guide your sales team in cold calling potential customers and closing big deals.

Commercial Proposal for Services

This process guides you through the preparation and management of a commercial proposal for your services.

Commodities Strategy

A strategy for traders to organize and forecast market data using Pneumatic's Commodities Strategy Template in a simple to understand kanban view.

Contract Renewal

Contract renewal is a vital process carried out by the legal team that provides opportunities to enhance contracts to sync with the latest organizational standards.

Exceptional pricing approval for SaaS

This process manages the approval of exceptional pricing for a SaaS company, with features such as priority setting, due date establishment, approver assignment, and automatic notification of the requester based on the final decision.

Franchise Lead Management

A process designed to manage prospective franchisees for franchise owners.

Funding Request Pipeline

A step-by-step process developed to aid in creating and managing your funding strategy.

Lead Generation Form

This process helps in skyrocketing lead generation and conversion rates through customizable, easy-to-use forms.

New location prospecting for franchises

Prospect new partners for your franchise new project. Arrange all documents, design a killer business plan, and set the contractual details before starting the implementation!

Outbound Marketing Prospecting Leads

This process helps sales reps in their outbound business development process, gathering crucial information to identify and contact the highest amount of qualified leads.

Real Estate Sales

Manage your real estate sales process, from listing to contract, with ease and efficiency.

Request for Proposal

This process aims to simplify the selection of IT providers and find the best tech partner for your company using Pneumatic's request for proposal template.

Reseller prospecting

The Reseller prospecting process is designed to organize and coordinate the stages of identifying, evaluating and concluding the reseller prospects.

Sales CRM

This Sales CRM Template connects all of your pipeline stages, from lead generation to conversion.

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