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360-Degree Feedback

A comprehensive performance evaluation process that gathers insights from various sources including managers, peers, subordinates, and self-assessments.

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management process is designed to efficiently track and manage employee time and attendance, including time in and out, working hours, and leave requests.

Employee Confirmation

The Employee Confirmation process is a structured approach to ensure the successful integration of new employees into the company. It involves a series of emails and meetings between different stakeholders to assess the new joiners' performance and fit in the company.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is a crucial process that allows organizations to gauge how valued and motivated their employees feel to carry out their tasks. Through automation of feedback surveys, the Human Resources team can identify all aspects impacting employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employee Nomination

The Employee Nomination process is a systematic approach to acknowledge and reward employees for their exceptional work and achievements. It involves a structured method for submitting and approving nominations, tracking their status, and ensuring timely recognition.

Employee Offboarding

Employee offboarding is a crucial process that deals with the systematic exit of an employee from an organization. It involves identifying the reasons for employee churn and ensuring a graceful exit.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is a vital process that aids in integrating a new hire into the company and its culture, ensuring they feel welcomed and ready to contribute from day one.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is a vital process that aids in integrating a new hire into the company and its culture, ensuring they feel welcomed and ready to contribute from day one.

Employee Referral

The Employee Referral process is designed to facilitate faster hiring and onboarding processes by leveraging the networks of current employees. This automated workflow keeps employees informed about current openings, allows for easy referral of potential candidates, and provides tracking for referral requests.

Employee Time Tracking

This business process aims to automate the tracking of employee working hours, replacing manual methods or entry gate devices. It offers the ability to filter timesheets by day, week, month, or year, and generate time reports to understand how employees spend their time on various tasks.

Exit Interview

The Exit Interview process is a critical stage in the employee lifecycle that takes place after an employee has resigned, retired, or been terminated. It involves reassigning tasks, collecting company assets, facilitating knowledge transfer, deactivating corporate accounts, among other activities.

Facilities Request

The Facilities Request process is designed to efficiently handle requests for maintenance, repair, and other services related to the physical office space.

HR Benefits Request

The HR Benefits Request process is a critical workflow that allows employees to request and receive benefits from the Human Resources department in a streamlined, efficient manner.

Internal Job Application

The Internal Job Application process is a method of recruiting talent internally within the organization. This process saves time, cost, and effort in finding new talent.

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