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A/B Testing

This process organizes and standardizes A/B testing to aid business growth.

Advertising Campaign

This process is used to create, execute, and evaluate advertisement campaigns.

Business Process Mapping

This process supports mapping, evaluating, and managing business processes for optimal efficiency.

Competitive Analysis

A process for investigating competitors, analyzing their strategies, and documenting their strengths and weaknesses.

Design Thinking

A template for solving complex problems using Herbert Simon’s Design Thinking methodology.

Marketing Agency Client Onboarding

This process is designed to help marketing agencies flawlessly welcome new clients.

Agency Project Development

A comprehensive system for managing agency project developments from inception to delivery.

Buyer Personas

A process to understand customer profiles and behavior using market research and existing customer data.

Campaign Briefing

A process to collect multiple requests for marketing team to create and execute ad campaigns.

Co-marketing management

A process for managing joint marketing campaigns between two brands.

Content Marketing

A comprehensive template for controlling, executing, and delivering impeccable content marketing strategies.

Contest Management

A process to manage and track contest subscription and contender evaluation.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

This process aids in discovering the optimal layout for website pages through systematic testing and data analysis.

Copy Management

A process for structuring, organizing and reviewing text for businesses.

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