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A successful business is at the core a collection of repeatable processes that produce predictable results. Pneumatic helps you build, refine and improve such processes.

Build Assembly Lines
for Your Team

A workflow is an assembly-line sequence of tasks, in which when one task is completed, the relevant results are passed on to the next workgroup. If there is a problem or questions, the process can be returned to the previous step. It’s all about teamwork and passing the baton.

Run Workflows — Pneumatic Takes Care of the Rest

Unlimited workflows can be run from a single workflow template. When a workflow is run tasks get assigned automatically, each to its own performance as per the underlying workflow template. When a task is finished, the next task in line gets assigned to its performers.

Increase Productivity
through Integration

Pneumatic seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and software, guiding your team from one app to the next as they complete their tasks. It can serve as a single point of entry for your team, through which they can be directed to the software they need to do their job.

Free Template

Take advantage of our free template library to get started quickly: we've got templates for all key business processes that you can use as is or as a starting point for your own custom standard operating procedures.

Template Generator

Our Workflow Template Generator recognizes your specific needs and requirements and generates custom workflow templates in moments, just give it a few pointers about what kind of workflow you need.

5S Auditing

A regular process for conducting 5S audits to maintain organization and eliminate waste.

A/B Testing

This process organizes and standardizes A/B testing to aid business growth.

Accounts Payable

This process controls company expenses, ensures adherence to SLAs, monitors requests, and measures progress.

Accounts Receivable

This process aims to streamline and improve the financial process by managing accounts receivable effectively.

Advertising Campaign

This process is used to create, execute, and evaluate advertisement campaigns.

Asset and Leasing Management

A process for managing real estate assets and their leasing status.

Brokerage Pipeline

Manage your real estate selling and brokerage process in a single interface.

Business Contract Analysis

A process for creating and managing your company's contracts effectively.

Business Process Mapping

This process supports mapping, evaluating, and managing business processes for optimal efficiency.

Buy-Side Real Estate Management

This process helps manage client's real estate needs and track suitable listings.

Commodities Strategy

This process organizes data for forecasting market trends in a simple kanban view.

Competitive Analysis

A process for investigating competitors, analyzing their strategies, and documenting their strengths and weaknesses.

Coworking Space Rental

This process manages the rental of coworking spaces, maintaining effective communication with clients.

Design Thinking

A template for solving complex problems using Herbert Simon’s Design Thinking methodology.

Facilities Delivery

This process allows the facilities team to manage new installation requests efficiently.

Facilities Management

A process designed to manage requests for facilities adjustments, including maintenance, workstation setups, parking permits, cleaning, and other services.

Industrial Building Project Request

Manage new projects for industrial buildings, assign suppliers, analyze documentation, and document operational impacts.

Inventory Adjustment

A process for adjusting and managing inventory based on data inputs and approvals.

Inventory inbound for e-commerce

A process template for managing the receipt and inventory of goods in e-commerce.

Lease Management

A process for managing tenants from contract signing to turnover for real estate agencies.

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of tasks and increase internal visibility!"

Tibor K. Producer

"The best way to manage
routine processes"

Igor Z. CEO

"Easy workflow management application"

Dan R. Owner

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Our Workflow Template Generator

You can further customize the generated workflow template by inviting team members and assigning tasks to them, setting deadlines for each workflow and task, and adding conditions and variables to direct the flow of execution and information through each workflow.

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