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Build Company That Scales Well.

Your business is growing, but is it scaling well? Companies that scale well can handle an increase in sales or output without suffering from increased costs, employee turnover, or a drop in customer satisfaction. Defining your workflows can help you grow your business without losing what makes it great.

Implement Batch Processing.

Do you feel that your team continually switches browser tabs and gets sucked into small distractions every time they come in? According to the American Psychological Association, shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time. Well organized workflow can help your team batch similar activities together and stay focused on what’s essential by avoiding distractions.

Add Workflows To the Tools Your Team Knows and Loves.

Pneumatic is designed to play well with others. No coding skills required. Keep the same SaaS platforms your team already knows how to use. Whether you’re working on a project in Trello, enriching data in Salesforce, or invoicing customers in QuickBooks. Pneumatic makes it easy to design workflows by connecting your existing tools.

Unlock the Hidden Value of Transparency in the Workplace.

Embracing a culture based on well defined and transparent business processes unlocks your company’s true potential. Greater visibility into what apps you have and how to use them makes it easy to onboard and retain employees. Efficient workflows translate to happier and more satisfied customers. Scalability leads to growth, makes it easy to attract investors, and raise capital.

Your Launchpad for Growth

Pneumatic is built for non-coders. It’s now possible to design a business process without a technical resource. Understand and scale your business, hire and onboard employees, acquire and engage your customers.

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