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Free Workflow Management

A successful business is at the core a collection of repeatable processes that produce predictable results. Pneumatic helps you build, refine and improve such processes.

Build Assembly Lines
for Your Team

A workflow is an assembly-line sequence of tasks, in which when one task is completed, the relevant results are passed on to the next workgroup. If there is a problem or questions, the process can be returned to the previous step. It’s all about teamwork and passing the baton.

Run Workflows — Pneumatic Takes Care of the Rest

Unlimited workflows can be run from a single workflow template. When a workflow is run tasks get assigned automatically, each to its own performance as per the underlying workflow template. When a task is finished, the next task in line gets assigned to its performers.

Increase Productivity
through Integration

Pneumatic seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and software, guiding your team from one app to the next as they complete their tasks. It can serve as a single point of entry for your team, through which they can be directed to the software they need to do their job.

Free Template

Take advantage of our free template library to get started quickly: we've got templates for all key business processes that you can use as is or as a starting point for your own custom standard operating procedures.

Template Generator

Our Workflow Template Generator recognizes your specific needs and requirements and generates custom workflow templates in moments, just give it a few pointers about what kind of workflow you need.

360-Degree Feedback

A comprehensive performance evaluation process that gathers insights from various sources including managers, peers, subordinates, and self-assessments.

5S Auditing

Pneumatic 5S Auditing template makes it easy to regularly conduct a 5S audit process, creating a continuous improvement cycle that keeps items organized and eliminates waste.

5S Methodology

The 5S Methodology is a system designed to organize and standardize the workplace for efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. This methodology is easy to understand and implement with the help of Pneumatic 5S Methodology template.

5W2H Analysis

The 5W2H Analysis is a business process designed to define, investigate, and address problems. It involves answering seven crucial questions to formulate an action plan and report.

8 Disciplines Problem Solving

A structured problem-solving approach designed for quality control teams to resolve issues in the company and keep track of the process.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable process is a critical business function that involves the management of payments to suppliers for products or services procured. The process includes the verification of invoices, approval acquisition, cost-saving identification, and timely payment release.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable process involves evaluating and extending credit to clients, collecting timely payments for services provided, and maintaining healthy cash flow.

Admin Service Request

The Admin Service Request process is designed to manage and streamline all administrative services within an organization. These services, which include facilities maintenance, record keeping, and health and safety policy management, are fundamental to the efficiency and overall upkeep of the organization.

Agency Project Development

This process is designed to manage all project developments within an agency, from the initial idea to the final delivery to the client.

Agile Software Development

This agile development process is designed to streamline your software development workflow. It's fully customizable and ready to implement, helping you establish a predictable workflow and put your team in control.

Apartment Hunting

A systematic process to analyze and compare various apartments based on several factors such as location, features, size, costs, priorities, etc., to find the most suitable one.

Application Maintenance and Support

This process aims to manage and organize the support issues reported in a business using a kanban model.

Asset and Leasing Management

The Asset and Leasing Management Process is designed for real estate companies to manage their assets effectively and to keep track of their statuses.

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management process is designed to efficiently track and manage employee time and attendance, including time in and out, working hours, and leave requests.

Auction Process

An auction is a process of selling items through a bidding system. This process involves registering each item, setting the auction date, and tracking the sale process.

Bid Pipeline for Construction

This business process is designed to identify bid opportunities for construction projects, providing valuable information about both clients and contractors.

Bike Rental Management

A comprehensive process to manage and track bike rentals for bike rental shops.

Blank Form

An online builder used to create fully-customized forms, collect all responses in a single place and boost your team productivity.

Brokerage Pipeline

Manage your real estate selling and brokerage process. Schedule meetings, property visitations and more in a single kanban style interface.

Budget and Contracting Process

Vendor-Specific Budget and Contracting Process is a pipeline for budgeting and contract processing.

Budget Transfer Request

The Budget Transfer Request business process serves as a crucial document that an employee submits to gain budget relocation approval, including a justification for doing so.

Bug Tracking and Reporting

Manage bugs effectively with a predefined process and a host of tools designed to centralize tickets and streamline the resolution process.

Business Travel Itinerary

The Business Travel Itinerary is a structured process designed to streamline the management of business trips, enhancing control over activities, efficiency, and decision-making agility.

Buy-Side Real Estate Management

The Buy-Side Real Estate Management process is designed to manage client's real estate needs, track suitable listings and manage the entire deal flow from start to finish.

Cake Quotation

This business process is designed to streamline the ordering, budgeting, preparation and delivery of cakes in an automated and organized manner.

Call center management

The Pneumatic Call Center Management template is designed to assist call center agents in the problem-solving process.

Campaign Briefing

The Campaign Briefing process is a crucial part of marketing strategy that involves the creation, implementation, measurement, and improvement of campaign ideas and briefs.

CAPEX Request

The CAPEX Request process is a critical component of financial accounting that requires thorough evaluation and planning. It involves automating the CapEx management system to expedite the request and review process, as well as secure audit records for governance purposes.

Car rental

The Car Rental process is designed for companies that rent cars and want to manage their rentals efficiently.

Cargo Vehicle Insurance Claim

This process is for reporting and handling insurance claims related to cargo vehicles.

Case Management

This business process aims at efficiently managing and handling cases by leveraging Pneumatic Case Management Template. It allows for easy reception of requests via a public form, quick information analysis, and automated email communication with the requester.

Churn Management

A standardized workflow to manage customer churn effectively, offering a good experience even up until the last engagement.

Class Scheduling

This business process is designed to assist in the creation and management of class schedules.

Client's Equipment Maintenance

A process for controlling and tracking clients' repair requests and keeping the client informed through automatic email templates.

Cold Calling

A structured process to guide your sales team in cold calling potential customers and closing big deals.

Collaborative Idea Management

Empower each and every member of your team to submit new ideas for your company. Pneumatic Collaborative Idea Management Template will help you implement and strengthen a culture of innovation in your workplace.

Commercial Proposal for Services

This process guides you through the preparation and management of a commercial proposal for your services.

Commodities Strategy

A strategy for traders to organize and forecast market data using Pneumatic's Commodities Strategy Template in a simple to understand kanban view.

Company Internationalization

Pneumatic Company Internationalization Template is designed for companies that want to take their products abroad, and want to manage the process of internationalization.

Complaint Management

Pneumatic Complaint management template is a simple and complete way to organize your complaints in your company.

Complaints Follow-up Agroindustrial

This process aims to help agroindustrial managers track, control, and communicate effectively with customers about their issues and complaints.

Concierge Service

The Concierge Service process is a crucial aspect of a hotel's customer service. It involves handling a variety of guest needs, from simple tasks like restaurant reservations to more complex ones like healthcare requirements.

Concierge Services

A process to handle and fulfill hotel guest requests for restaurant, museum, concert, and theater reservations.

Contact Inbox

The Contact Inbox business process is aimed at centralizing, organizing, and responding to customer contacts effectively and efficiently.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Contract Management of Software Integrations

This process serves in the contracting and integrating of software, potentially including a development phase. It is designed to optimize your process through 8 distinct phases, from prospecting to final approval.

Contract Renewal

Contract renewal is a vital process carried out by the legal team that provides opportunities to enhance contracts to sync with the latest organizational standards.

Corporate Card Request

The Corporate Card Request process is designed to enable employees to pay for pre-approved business expenses, such as hotels, meals, rental cars, flights, etc., through an automated workflow.

Corporate Gift Request

The Corporate Gift Request process is designed to enhance positive association with prospects, customers, employees, and clients through the management and tracking of corporate gifts.

Cost Allocation - Product Pricing

The business process 'Cost Allocation - Product Pricing' is designed to ensure correct product pricing by storing and controlling necessary information.

Course opening

The process of forming classes for different courses, starting from student registration to the commencement of classes.

COVID-19 Status

A process designed to effectively screen employees and mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19 as they return to the office.

Coworking Space Rental

This business process aims to streamline the management of coworking space rental requests and foster effective communication with clients.

Customer Communication Management

This business process is aimed at managing all communication with customers including assigning responsible persons, drafting and managing release notes, managing communication channels and automating email sending.

Customer Contact Log & Form

A process designed to facilitate the registration and storage of customer contact information using Pneumatic Customer Contact Log & Form Template.

Customer Feedback

A standardized and centralized process for collecting and tracking customer feedback.

Customer Help Desk

The Customer Help Desk process is designed to exceed customer expectations by efficiently addressing their queries or complaints through a ticketing system.

Customer Interviews

A step-by-step guide to conducting effective customer interviews to enhance product development.

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is a crucial process that involves activities designed to help customers get familiar with, and start using a product. It also includes steps to help customers adapt to the product's learning curve and integrate it into their business operations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction Survey process is designed to gather insights from customers to improve product or service quality and enhance customer experiences.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Phone

A structured process for conducting post-sales customer satisfaction surveys via phone.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

A process for centralizing customer satisfaction survey responses, organizing and extracting survey data using Pneumatic Public Form Feature.

Customer Success Management

This process focuses on managing customer success with full visibility of the companies and tasks at hand. It aims to ensure customers are managed according to SLAs, with efficiency and speed.

Customer Support & Help Desk

A process for managing all customer support ticket requests in a single place, customizable to specific business needs.

Damaged or Lost Baggage

A process for managing requests for luggage repairs and lost luggage claims, from claim to compensation payment.

Database update

Pneumatic Database Update Template is a process used whenever a user needs to request updates to their information database.

Deal Flow for Venture Capital

Pneumatic's Deal Flow for Venture Capital is a structured process designed to facilitate the closing of big deals for venture capital companies.

Decision Analysis

Pneumatic Decision Analysis Free Template is designed for those who want to keep track and control of all the alternatives that could help them make a decision.


Pneumatic's DMAIC is a business process based on Six Sigma's continuous improvement methodology designed to solve issues or improve any process in an optimized manner.

Document Notarization for Mortgage

A structured workflow designed to streamline the notarization process for mortgage documentation, ensuring all paperwork is correctly signed, scheduled and verified.

Early Check-in (Double Room)

This business process is designed to enable guests to check-in early to their double rooms, streamlining the process for both the guests and the hosts.

Employee Confirmation

The Employee Confirmation process is a structured approach to ensure the successful integration of new employees into the company. It involves a series of emails and meetings between different stakeholders to assess the new joiners' performance and fit in the company.

Employee Expense Claim

The Employee Expense Claim is a process through which employees can seek reimbursement for business-related expenses incurred during the course of their job.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is a crucial process that allows organizations to gauge how valued and motivated their employees feel to carry out their tasks. Through automation of feedback surveys, the Human Resources team can identify all aspects impacting employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employee Nomination

The Employee Nomination process is a systematic approach to acknowledge and reward employees for their exceptional work and achievements. It involves a structured method for submitting and approving nominations, tracking their status, and ensuring timely recognition.

Employee Offboarding

Employee offboarding is a crucial process that deals with the systematic exit of an employee from an organization. It involves identifying the reasons for employee churn and ensuring a graceful exit.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is a vital process that aids in integrating a new hire into the company and its culture, ensuring they feel welcomed and ready to contribute from day one.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is a vital process that aids in integrating a new hire into the company and its culture, ensuring they feel welcomed and ready to contribute from day one.

Employee Referral

The Employee Referral process is designed to facilitate faster hiring and onboarding processes by leveraging the networks of current employees. This automated workflow keeps employees informed about current openings, allows for easy referral of potential candidates, and provides tracking for referral requests.

Employee Time Tracking

This business process aims to automate the tracking of employee working hours, replacing manual methods or entry gate devices. It offers the ability to filter timesheets by day, week, month, or year, and generate time reports to understand how employees spend their time on various tasks.

Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Pneumatic ECO Template is designed to help you make changes to the scope of work outlined in an original project contract.

Enterprise Feature Request

The Enterprise Feature Request process is designed to enhance agility and accuracy in the qualification of Requests, thereby improving the quality of services/products and boosting productivity.

Event Planning

The Event Planning process is critical for businesses aiming to showcase their offerings and interact with prospects at trade shows and conferences. It involves meticulous coordination, execution, and flexibility to ensure a successful event.

Exceptional pricing approval for SaaS

This process manages the approval of exceptional pricing for a SaaS company, with features such as priority setting, due date establishment, approver assignment, and automatic notification of the requester based on the final decision.

Exit Interview

The Exit Interview process is a critical stage in the employee lifecycle that takes place after an employee has resigned, retired, or been terminated. It involves reassigning tasks, collecting company assets, facilitating knowledge transfer, deactivating corporate accounts, among other activities.

Facilities Delivery

Our Facilities Delivery process allows the facilities team to have better control of the new installation requests.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management process is designed to manage requests for facilities adjustments, including maintenance, workstation setups, parking permits, cleaning, and other services.

Facilities Request

The Facilities Request process is designed to efficiently handle requests for maintenance, repair, and other services related to the physical office space.

Field Service Management

This process helps in organizing the field operations of a team of service professionals.

Franchise Lead Management

A process designed to manage prospective franchisees for franchise owners.

Franchise Opening

The Franchise Opening process is designed to simplify and streamline the various activities and documentation required when opening a franchise.

Funding Request Pipeline

A step-by-step process developed to aid in creating and managing your funding strategy.

Graphic creation process

A process designed for advertising companies to manage their creative processes, and track their progress in the creation, approval or adjustment phases.

Helpdesk | Tracking received emails

This process aims to efficiently manage and track every email received, by creating a new ticket/card in the pipe for each email. The tickets are reviewed, categorized based on the type of query, tracked until a response is sent, and finally closed.

Hotel Booking Request

Organize your team hotel booking request with this new Pneumatic template.

House Construction

Pneumatic House Construction Template is designed to assist individuals starting to build a house, providing guidance on the steps required from land acquisition to project completion.

HR Benefits Request

The HR Benefits Request process is a critical workflow that allows employees to request and receive benefits from the Human Resources department in a streamlined, efficient manner.


A detailed process to understand customer's expectations, implement solutions, schedule training meetings, and organize feedbacks using Pneumatic's Implementation Template.

Improvement Ideas

A comprehensive process for documenting and implementing innovative ideas within the organization.

Incoming Net Promoter Scores

Manage all your NPS scores, send emails and ask for feedback using the Pneumatic's Incoming Net Promoter Scores template.

Industrial Building Project Request

This business process aims to manage new projects to be implemented on industrial buildings, assign a supplier to assist with the demand, analyze documentation (both technical and legal), and document all the impact the project will have on the plant operation.

Infrastructure Management

Pneumatic Infrastructure Management Template provides an overview of a telecommunication company infrastructure macro lifecycle process.

Inquiry Opening

Pneumatic Inquiry Opening Template is designed to streamline the process of analyzing investigative open inquiries.

Internal audit process

This process is designed to help you plan an internal audit within your company, ensuring compliance and identifying areas for improvement.

Internal Job Application

The Internal Job Application process is a method of recruiting talent internally within the organization. This process saves time, cost, and effort in finding new talent.

Internal Supply Order

The Pneumatic Internal Supply order template is designed to manage the production line supply process simply.

Interview Feedback

The Interview Feedback process is designed to gather and analyze candidates' impressions and opinions about the interview process. The goal is to make improvements based on this feedback to enhance the overall interview experience.

Interview Scheduling

The Interview Scheduling process is designed to enhance transparency and streamline the process of requesting and scheduling an interview, avoiding the need for individual email exchanges.

Invalid Lot Exam

This business process is designed for supply chain departments that aim to manage the evaluation of invalid lots, from product inspection to the decision on whether to repair or discard products.

Inventory Adjustment

This is a process related to inventory adjustment which involves the adjustment of inventory based on specific data such as part number, adjustment reason, lot, and unit of measurement.

Inventory Inbound for E-commerce

A process designed to streamline the receipt and storage of goods in an e-commerce setting.

Investor Pitch

This is a template to filter pitch requests, schedule, and see the pitch to analyze if it a good investment or not.

IT Bug Tracking

The IT Bug Tracking process involves the identification, investigation, and resolution of software bugs to ensure software quality and reliability.

IT Change Management

IT Change Management is a business process that involves the proactive or reactive implementation of changes in IT infrastructure to enhance service delivery.

IT Incident Management

IT Incident Management is a process that involves identifying, investigating, and resolving critical hardware or software infrastructure-related complaints or incidents.

IT Onboarding

The IT Onboarding process is designed to efficiently integrate new hires into the organization by providing them with the necessary tools and addressing any account related issues.

IT Problem Management

The IT Problem Management process aims to quickly resolve IT-related issues to prevent disruptions or downtime, understand root causes, and take preventive measures for business continuity.

IT Service Request

The IT Service Request process is a critical aspect of an organization's IT department. It ensures employees have access to required IT services for optimal performance, handling requests like password recovery, app access, new hardware provision, software license purchases and upgrades.

Job Application

The Job Application process is a vital function within the HR department of any organization, aimed at automating the collection and access of candidates' data to streamline the hiring process.

Job Offer

The job offer process is a standardized method that ensures transparency, efficiency, and consistency in the hiring process. It uses a pre-determined workflow template to minimize human error and bias, making the job offer process fair and equitable.

Kaizen Actions Management through the 5S

This process is designed for organizations seeking to implement a culture of self-discipline and continuous improvement.

Launch your startup

This process is designed with the steps that need to be followed when you decide to launch a new business.

Lead Generation Form

This process helps in skyrocketing lead generation and conversion rates through customizable, easy-to-use forms.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification is the process of identifying and pushing potential leads that are most likely to convert into customers to the next stage in the sales cycle.

Lean Startup Cycle

Our Lean Startup Cycle Template is based on the Build-Measure-Learn principle of Lean Startup a highly effective approach to startup development pioneered by Eric Ries.

Lease Management

The Lease Management process is designed to assist real estate agencies in managing their tenants, from the signing of the contract to the turnover.

Leave Management

A standardized leave management process that offers transparency and efficiency for everyone in the organization.

Loan Applications

The Loan Applications process is designed to standardize loan applications, study the risks involved, and organize the decision and approval process.

Lodging Requests

This process is aimed at facilitating lodging requisition in hotels or Airbnb. It involves various phases, each requiring specific inputs.

Logistics Strategy and Order Filling

This business process aims to improve the logistics process for loading and unloading trucks with products to enhance efficiency and minimize errors.

Logo Design Process

This process is designed to manage and keep track of the logo design process, including dealing with client deadlines, approvals, and other important internal processes.

Manufacturing Management

A comprehensive solution designed to assist with the production process in a factory, encompassing customer orders, resource scheduling, and tracking of manufacturing and delivery steps.

Market-feasibility study and business plan

A step-by-step guide to conduct a market-feasibility study and create a business plan, aimed at identifying key strategies, competitors, and market opportunities to ensure business success.

Marketing Agency Client Onboarding

This process is designed to help marketing agencies flawlessly welcome new clients, ensuring that all small details are executed perfectly to build a loyal and satisfied long-term customer base.

Marketing Budgeting

Marketing Budgeting is a crucial aspect of the marketing department that involves a lot of collaboration and internal approvals. Automating this process ensures transparency in budget planning and allocation across different marketing projects.

Marketing Request

The Marketing Request process is a critical part of any successful organization, aimed at generating qualified leads, raising product awareness, and enhancing the brand image.

Material Planning Purchase

Pneumatic Materials Planning and Purchase Template is a new way to organize your flow more effectively. Analyze your request, plan your materials purchase, and control the materials needed in your projects.

Medical Appointment Scheduling

A streamlined process for scheduling medical appointments and sending out automated confirmation emails.

Medical Care (Clinic)

This process is designed for clinics to manage their patients' details, from the moment they schedule the appointment to leave the clinic.

Medical Care (Hospital)

A comprehensive system designed for hospitals to manage their patients' journey from triage to discharge.

Meeting Schedule Confirmation

Meeting Schedule Confirmation is a process that ensures better control of commercial meetings and guarantees the attendance and punctuality of participants.

Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

An organized and standardized process to execute team activities, analyze deals, and have a better overview of results.

Missing, lost, or damaged shipment

A process to handle cases of missing, damaged, or lost shipments reported by clients.

MVP Validation Process

This process is designed to help you keep track of your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) validation process with full transparency on the stage you are in.

NDA Request

The NDA Request process is essential for most organizations, aiming to execute Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in an error-proof and flawless manner to avoid future complications.

NDA Requests

The NDA Request process is designed to streamline the control of your company's contracts and enhance communication and collaboration across your business and clients.

New Hire Request

The New Hire Request process is designed to streamline and automate the job requisition process, enabling recruiters to make more consistent, proactive, and aligned hiring decisions.

New Ideas Pipeline

A streamlined workflow to manage, select and assign new ideas within an Innovation Team.

New location prospecting for franchises

Prospect new partners for your franchise new project. Arrange all documents, design a killer business plan, and set the contractual details before starting the implementation!

Office Ergonomics Workstation Assessment

The Office Ergonomics Workstation Assessment is designed to evaluate if an employee's workstation is suitable for their needs. It provides guidance on setting up and maintaining a healthy workspace environment.

Operations Quality Control

This process aims to manage the analysis and resolution of observed process deviations, ensuring that the performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the customer's requirements.

Order to Cash

The Order to Cash process is a comprehensive workflow designed to centralize orders, automate communication, and streamline the sending of proposals and other documents. It is easily integrated with your existing toolset.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational change must be planned and mapped, so Pneumatic Organizational Change Management Template is designed for those who want to evaluate every single risk and consequential impact within their company.

Outbound Marketing Prospecting Leads

This process helps sales reps in their outbound business development process, gathering crucial information to identify and contact the highest amount of qualified leads.

Patent Application

Pneumatic's Patent Application is designed to assist inventors in filling out a patent application or request a review of it. It also provides an overview of the whole process this request will go through until it's approved.

Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal process is designed to evaluate each employee's performance and identify potential growth opportunities. This process is crucial to maintaining alignment with the company's culture, policies, and objectives.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a crucial process to assess and enhance the efficiency of your team. It involves creating a standard appraisal system to collect, validate, and analyze data about employees' performance, leading to career development opportunities.

Performance Review

The Performance Review process is designed to evaluate team productivity and develop a framework for continual improvement, aligning perfectly with company culture and policies.

Personalized gift requests

This business process is intended for companies that sell personalized gifts, and are looking to streamline the management of their requests, from budgeting to delivery.

Pet shop scheduling grooming

The Pet Shop Scheduling process is designed for pet shops that want to manage animal bathing and shearing requests, including in the process the scheduling and payment.

Petty Cash Request

Petty cash requisition is a crucial financial process that is essential to ensure that the organization’s funds are being used appropriately.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Request

The PPE Request process is designed to manage the personal protective equipment requests within an organization.

Preventive Maintenance Planning

This process focuses on scheduling, performing, and repairing in a maintenance process for a specific equipment or tool.

Price Quotation

This process aims to manage the procedure of obtaining price quotations for products and services, and tracking potential suppliers.

Pricing Strategy and Cost Analysis

This all-in-one framework works as a Cost Analysis Template and as a Pricing Strategy Template, so you can easily plan your business next steps and ensure high profitable growth. Build an efficient pricing management process with Pneumatic.

Problem handling for Telecom

Manage all internal problems related to telecommunications using a specific problem-solving methodology.

Process Improvement Plan - DRIVE

Define, Review, Identify, Verify and Execute your work with this process improvement plan template. It comes with a design that supports you in understanding your company needs and gaining control to fix them.

Product & Technical Support

This process aims to organize all the products that need technical support to improve support time and customer management.

Product Design

The Product Design process focuses on the design of a new product, from the idea to build, analysis, and approvals.

Product Development

This business process aims to streamline the development of a new product, from the conceptualization phase to the product launch.

Product Development Process

This process is designed to simplify and automate the product development process, from the concept to the launch.

Product Export

The Product Export business process is intended for companies that sell items internationally and need to manage their exports from the moment an order is received until the product arrives at the client's location.

Product Feature Request

The Product Feature Request process is designed to effectively capture, assess, and implement customer feature requests to enhance product offerings and improve customer satisfaction.

Product Management

This business process revolves around organizing, prioritizing, designing, testing, and releasing new product features to enhance customer experiences.

Product return management

This is a process to manage returns, with refund or exchange options.

Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap is a crucial document that outlines the vision and trajectory of a product's evolution over time. It is used to set important development milestones, align teams and strategies, and maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive environment.

Production Planning and Control

This process is designed to manufacture quality products, standardize the production process, and verify the work in progress. It helps in strategic management of resources and ensures customer satisfaction.

Project Management

This business process aims to enhance a team's agility while executing a project. It provides a structured approach to control all project steps from input collection to metric tracking, opportunity discovery, and communication.

Project Proposal and Approval

An easy way to control, screen, analyze, and approve new project requests without the need for an extensive email exchange.

Projects - General Project Development

A comprehensive guide on how to effectively monitor Civil Engineering and Architecture projects through general project development. This process aims to centralize budget requests, register meetings, and streamline Project Manager approvals.

Proof of Concept Monitoring

This process is designed to assist innovation departments in large corporations in managing proof of concept ideas, from the research phase to the trial phase.

Property Rental Management

Pneumatic Property Rental Management Template is a simple workflow that can help any rental company manage each step in a rental process.

Purchase Order

A Purchase Order is a business process that involves the creation of a document by a buyer detailing their requirements. It is a crucial tool in eliminating wrong orders and ensuring clear communication between buyers and sellers.

Purchase Request

The Purchase Request is a vital business process that involves the creation of a document by employees when they need to procure something on behalf of the company. It necessitates extensive collaboration, approvals, and persistent follow-ups.

Quality Control

The Quality Control business process is designed to organize the evaluation of raw material, work in progress material, and finished goods. This process aids in improving supplier delivery and internal procedures.

Quarterly Business Review

A Quarterly Business Review is a strategic meeting held every quarter with clients to discuss their business needs and how the company can support them.

Quarterly Feedback

The Quarterly Feedback process is aimed at standardizing the employee evaluation process to ensure consistent and comprehensive assessments.

Quarterly Quality Review

A structured process to manage and monitor the acceptance and results of implemented ideas, involving the measurement of costs, time saved, and other KPIs on a quarterly basis.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

The Real Estate Portfolio Management process is a comprehensive solution for managing your real estate properties, tracking their location, maintenance dates, and contact information. It also enables you to monitor your profit and assess the value of your assets through reports.

Real Estate Registration

An organized workflow of property analysis is essential for the good management of properties for sale or rent.

Real Estate Sales

Manage your real estate sales process, from listing to contract, with ease and efficiency.

Remote Work Management

Managing remote work can be a challenge due to unclear roles and tasks, lack of communication and collaboration, and difficulty tracking employee performance. The Remote Work Management Template is a tool designed to assist in managing remote teams, ensuring company goals are met and remote employees are engaged and successful.

Request for Proposal

This process aims to simplify the selection of IT providers and find the best tech partner for your company using Pneumatic's request for proposal template.

Request Management

The Request Management process is designed to help businesses efficiently organize, centralize, and manage all their requests in one location, eliminating the need to juggle requests on multiple platforms.

Research Management

A comprehensive process for managing research initiatives in the telecom industry.

Research project submission

This business process is designed for university research groups that want to manage their applications of potential research projects and researchers.

Reseller prospecting

The Reseller prospecting process is designed to organize and coordinate the stages of identifying, evaluating and concluding the reseller prospects.

Resource Provisioning

A process to improve and implement new resources in a telecom company using Pneumatic's Resource Provisioning Template.

Resources Strategy

The Resources Strategy is a business process designed for supply chain professionals who wish to effectively manage their production resources. This strategy focuses on the creation of a plan for requesting raw materials.

Risk Assessment Plan

The Risk Assessment Plan aims to identify, analyze, and mitigate potential problems using Pneumatic Risk Assessment Plan Template. The process helps in creating a standardized procedure within the company to ensure the health of the business.

Sales and Legal Contracts

The Sales and Legal Contracts process is designed to reduce the strain of managing contracts, providing essential information on the contract's status in the closing process.

Sales CRM

This Sales CRM Template connects all of your pipeline stages, from lead generation to conversion.

Sales for Digital Marketing Services

A comprehensive workflow for digital marketing services sales, visible to all stakeholders.

Sales Lead Qualification

A business process aimed at identifying the best business opportunities to boost revenue through the optimization of the sales process using Pneumatic tools.

Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline is a critical tool in any organization, designed to visualize the inflow of business, track deals at different stages, and facilitate personalized customer interactions to advance prospects through the sales cycle.

Sales Pitch

Use Pneumatic sales pitch template to connect your product with potential buyers and convince them to purchase your offer.

Sales Promotion Management

A systematic approach to monitor and increase sales through promotion strategies.

Sales Prospecting Plan

A comprehensive plan for managing and tracking prospects' statuses, visualizing each stage of their journey, and connecting your prospecting process to the Sales Pipeline to deliver qualified leads to your team.

Sales Quotation

The Sales Quotation process is a critical operation that begins when a potential buyer shows interest in your products or services and requests a quote. It involves providing an itemized list of offerings, along with their prices, payment terms, and delivery details.

Sales Team Resources CRM

A structured process for managing and tracking the progress of a sales team and the effective use of company's resources.

Salesperson Onboarding

This process aims to fully integrate a new salesperson into the company's standards and processes within the first six weeks.

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

This process is designed for car maintenance shops that need to manage their scheduled vehicle maintenance services.

School Enrollment

The School Enrollment business process is designed to assist in the enrollment process of any school, managing vacancy requests, the vacancy waitlist, and the enrollment process.

School year planning for franchise schools

This process helps schools organize their new calendar for the next class period.

Screening Process

The Screening Process is a vital step in Venture Capital investments where potential companies are analyzed for potential investments.

SEM Management

SEM Management is a strategic business process aimed at creating and placing ads in a way that targets motivated prospects, converts them to customers, and minimizes acquisition costs.

Service Configuration & Activation for Telecom

With Pneumatic Service Configuration & Activation Template for Telecom you can manage your requests and their progress. All in a very clean and intuitive manner.

Service Design

Service Design projects are often very different from each other and with Pneumatic Service Design Template you can manage each project and check how every piece of information is being filled out.

Service Management & Operations

Pneumatic SM&O Support & Readiness Template is designed to help establish, manage, and administer a Telecom service inventory. It aids in delivering the best possible services to your company.

Service Problem Management

This process aims to respond immediately to customer-affecting service issues or failures in the telecommunications sector.

Service Scheduling

A process designed to ensure that an organization's services and resources are scheduled as optimally and efficiently as possible.

Service Strategy and Planning

Pneumatic Service Strategy and Planning template is designed to assist telecommunication organizations in analyzing launching strategies for new services or enhancing existing services.

Shipment Tracking

A process for tracking the current location of a product shipment. It monitors whether the shipment has been posted, is en route, or has been delivered.

Simple To-do List

A streamlined approach to managing tasks and projects using a Kanban board for efficient task tracking and completion.

Software Debugging Process

This process is designed to manage bug correction data, providing clarity and agility through the debugging phases.

Software Testing Tutorial

A comprehensive guide to streamline the software testing process, saving technicians effort and time, and promoting agility and independence.

Startup Acceleration Program

This business process pertains to the Pneumatic Startup Acceleration Program Template, which is designed for companies that specialize in helping startups accelerate their growth and manage their acceleration programs.

Stock Inventory Audit

The Stock Inventory Audit is a process designed to manage an inventory, comparing whether a product amount in the system is the same as the one in the manual count.

Storage Control

The Storage Control process is designed to manage the handling of each product in the storage process, from its arrival at the company until it's outbound.

Store Safety Inspection

This process is designed to manage and keep track of store inspections and their results, ensuring all safety aspects are thoroughly inspected.

Supplier Development

The Supplier Development process is designed to assist your team in finding the most suitable supplier and solution for a product or service that your company requires. This could be for a recurrent or specific need.

Supplier Evaluation

The Supplier Evaluation process is a methodology designed to analyze and evaluate suppliers based on the 10 C's: Competency, Capacity, Commitment, Control, Cash, Cost, Consistency, Culture, Clean, Communication. This process helps to determine if a supplier is the best option for your company.

Supplier Fault Notification

This workflow enables the quality and operations team to manage quality issues notifications promptly upon identification.

Supplier Performance

The Supplier Performance business process aims to enhance the Supplier Management Process by rating performance indicators and evaluating whether a company should be retained as a supplier or not.

Supplier Quality Approval

This process is designed to help businesses manage and control the quality of materials supplied by their suppliers in a simple and intuitive manner.

Suppliers Market Evaluation

Pneumatic Suppliers Market Evaluation Template is a tool for the procurement area of the company, providing practical and intuitive evaluation methods for defining qualified suppliers.

Supply Chain Management

Construct an annual business supply plan that includes everything from the purchase of raw materials to their arrival with Pneumatic Supply Chain Management template.

SWOT Analysis

A bottom-up analysis process designed for evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats before entering a new market, developing a new product, or starting a new business.

Talent Recruitment

The Talent Recruitment process is a crucial strategy in recognizing and hiring top talent to enhance an organization's competitive advantage, boost functional productivity, and uplift the brand image.

Task Management

Increase value to your company by turning tasks into efficient deliverables, from simple to complex. This free template supports you in handling tasks with real-time visualization of work capacity, transparency, and improvement opportunities.

Technical Repair

This business process focuses on managing and fulfilling customer requests for appliance and electronics repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Time Management Process

This Time Management Process is designed to help your team handle demands, tasks, requests, and any other activity in an efficient and systematic way using a drag and drop kanban board.

Time-off Request

The Time-off Request process is designed to manage and track all employee time-off requests in a centralized system to avoid miscommunication and loss of information.

Tool Management

The Tool Management process helps to easily control your workflow. It assists in ordering, analyzing, buying, and approving the necessary tools for your company and keep track of your progress.

Training Feedback

A process that helps the HR team understand employees' perspective on the training curriculum, trainers, schedules, and the overall experience.

Training Request

The Training Request process is designed to automate the employee training workflow, allowing the HR team to focus on the content of the training instead of managing requests and approvals.

Travel Reimbursement

The Travel Reimbursement process is a critical procedure that requires a proper approval flow to avoid financial confusion at the end of the month. By automating this process, employees can efficiently track, manage their travel expenses, and handle reimbursement requests.

Travel Request

The Travel Request business process is designed to streamline the approval of travel and reimbursement requests within an organization that requires frequent travel.

Vehicle Recall Request

A comprehensive guide for car manufacturers to manage the process of vehicle recall due to manufacturing issues, in compliance with authorities and car owners.

Vendor Registration

Vendor registration is a critical process that involves careful evaluation of vendors and enables your procurement team to establish effective contracts.

Visitor pass request

This process is designed to manage the requisition of visitor passes for individuals who need access to the company's premises.

Warehouse Management

Pneumatic Warehouse Management Template is designed to support and optimize the day-to-day operations of warehouse or distribution center management. It allows for the control of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

Warranty Claim

A structured process to manage and track customer's warranty claims in case of product malfunction or defect.

Warranty Management

Managing the entire product warranty process, from diagnosis to repair, while also establishing the required time and cost.

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing is a critical process in any organization, allowing individuals to report unethical or illegal activities without fear of retaliation. A well-structured whistleblowing policy ensures adherence to professional ethics and legal compliance.

Content Development

This is an SOP for developing and publishing content. It's a generalized process that will work for blog posts, videos, podcasts. All content has to be search-engine and social-media optimized.

Purchase Approval

The purchase approval process enables staff to get approval to buy specific goods and services. This SOP ensures purchasing compliance and cost management.

Vacation Request

The vacation request SOP lets your team request vacation days in a straightforward and transparent way to improve employee satisfaction and make sure there are always enough people to handle the tasks at hand.

B2B Sales

The idea behind the B2B sales SOP is to collect as much information as possible about the prospect to make them a highly personalized offer and reduce the need for negotiation.

Blog Publication

These days, creating quality copy is not enough. You need to aim your content at the right target audience. The blog publication SOP makes sure no social media outlet gets ignored.

Customer Retention

The customer retention process is aimed at engaging with existing customers with a view to maximize customer loyalty and keep them buying your product or service.

Expense Reimbursement

This is a standard process for reimbursing employee expenses for business-related purposes. With a solid expense reimbursement process in place your staff never have to worry the company will not pay them back the money they spent out of pocket.

Feature Release

This is a standard product feature release process where a proposed feature first gets approved, then tested, documented, released, and announced.

Outreach Campaign

The goal of customer outreach SOP is to help connect and engage with customers to build long term relationships. Reach out via social media, website reviews, email or snail mail.

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