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A successful business is at the core a collection of repeatable processes that produce predictable results. Pneumatic helps you build, refine and improve such processes. Describe the process you need a workflow for (e.g., A comprehensive invoice approval process for my insurance agency).

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Build Assembly Lines
for Your Team

A workflow is an assembly-line sequence of tasks, in which when one task is completed, the relevant results are passed on to the next workgroup. If there is a problem or questions, the process can be returned to the previous step. It’s all about teamwork and passing the baton.

Run Workflows — Pneumatic Takes Care of the Rest

Unlimited workflows can be run from a single workflow template. When a workflow is run tasks get assigned automatically, each to its own performance as per the underlying workflow template. When a task is finished, the next task in line gets assigned to its performers.

Increase Productivity
through Integration

Pneumatic seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and software, guiding your team from one app to the next as they complete their tasks. It can serve as a single point of entry for your team, through which they can be directed to the software they need to do their job.

Free Template

Take advantage of our free template library to get started quickly: we've got templates for all key business processes that you can use as is or as a starting point for your own custom standard operating procedures.

Content Development

This is an SOP for developing and publishing content. It's a generalized process that will work for blog posts, videos, podcasts. All content has to be search-engine and social-media optimized.

Employee Onboarding

The employee onboarding SOP is designed to make sure every new hire gets properly welcomed to the company, introduced to their workplace, team, the boss and corporate values.

Purchase Approval

The purchase approval process enables staff to get approval to buy specific goods and services. This SOP ensures purchasing compliance and cost management.

Lead Qualification

The lead qualification process helps you screen your prospects so that you only reach out and try to sell to prospects that fit your ideal customer profile. This maximizes the probability of a successful deal and minimizes wastage.

Vacation Request

The vacation request SOP lets your team request vacation days in a straightforward and transparent way to improve employee satisfaction and make sure there are always enough people to handle the tasks at hand.

B2B Sales

The idea behind the B2B sales SOP is to collect as much information as possible about the prospect to make them a highly personalized offer and reduce the need for negotiation.

Blog Publication

These days, creating quality copy is not enough. You need to aim your content at the right target audience. The blog publication SOP makes sure no social media outlet gets ignored.

Customer Retention

The customer retention process is aimed at engaging with existing customers with a view to maximize customer loyalty and keep them buying your product or service.

Expense Reimbursement

This is a standard process for reimbursing employee expenses for business-related purposes. With a solid expense reimbursement process in place your staff never have to worry the company will not pay them back the money they spent out of pocket.

Feature Release

This is a standard product feature release process where a proposed feature first gets approved, then tested, documented, released, and announced.

Outreach Campaign

The goal of customer outreach SOP is to help connect and engage with customers to build long term relationships. Reach out via social media, website reviews, email or snail mail.

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