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Features and Benefits

We emphasise simplicity and accessibility of workflow management: our system is designed to encourage the user to quickly build and deploy workflow templates and then refactor them to continuously improve their performance.


Intuitive Workflow Template Builder

Build new workflow templates with our intuitive no-code workflow builder, deploy new workflows fast, get feedback and refactor your workflows with ease. Evolve your workflows as your company grows.

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One Template, Many Workflows

Run multiple workflows from a single template, automate your SOPs, let Pneumatic take care of assigning tasks to the right people. Once you’ve configured your templates, you Pneumatic will do the rest.

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Free Unlimited Guests

In Pneumatic you can invite an unlimited number of guests to collaborate on your tasks and processes completely free of charge as well as share workflow kick-off forms and have new workflows launched from outside Pneumatic.

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Dashboard, Highlights and Table View

Get a bird’s-eye view of your live workflows in the dashboard, see the latest activities in your system in Workflow Highlights, analyze how data flows through workflows by looking at the workflow variables in Table View

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Flexibility through Workflow Variables

In Pneumatic you can add variables to your workflows with kick-off form fields and output fields. These can be used throughout a workflow to dynamically share data and assign tasks, giving you even more flexibility.

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Pneumatic is designed from the ground up for easy integration with other software systems. The free plan offers integration through Zapier, Integromat and through our public API.

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Getting Started is Easy

With Pneumatic, you can start building and using workflows right now for free. Pneumatic emphasises ease of use to encourage continuous improvement and refactoring of workflow templates in an iterative process.

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Free Workflow Management Software

We offer a free plan that you can use for as long as you want, there are no time constraints. If you want more capabilities than are offered in our free plan, you can always upgrade to the premium plan that offers extended functionality.

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