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Engaging With External Users

Pneumatic, being an open system, allows you to easily engage with external users via shareable kick-off forms and by inviting them as guests to tasks. The latter feature is completely free of charge and unlimited - invite as many guests as you want to as many tasks as you want.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Pneumatic’s open system design: The platform is designed to interact seamlessly with external parties, including those who don’t have Pneumatic accounts.
  • Sharing kick-off forms: Users can create public links to share their workflow templates with people who don’t have Pneumatic accounts.
  • Launching workflows from outside the system: once a public kick-off form is submitted, Pneumatic launches a new workflow, assigning tasks to your team members.
  • Guest performer feature: Pneumatic allows users to add performers to ongoing tasks, including guest performers without Pneumatic accounts, by simply using their email addresses.
  • External user engagement: The platform enables users to engage with external users during crucial stages of a workflow where some outside input may be needed, such as skills assessment or interviews in a hiring process.
  • Task completion by guest performers: guest performers added to live tasks can read and post comments, fill out output fields and complete tasks.
  • No extra charge for guest performers: Pneumatic allows users to add as many guest performers to tasks as needed without incurring any additional costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations.