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Pneumatic Features

Pneumatic is an SaaS workflow management system designed to make business process management easy and accessible to everyone. Pneumatic emphasises ease of use, iterative development and continuous improvement of business processes.

You “write down” how your company operates by creating workflow templates in Pneumatic, then you run them, check their performance, identify any bottlenecks and make adjustments on the fly to maximize efficiency. Take your business to the next level, use Pneumatic to turn it into a going concern that can run on autopilot if need be.


A workflow is a sequence of steps that reliably produces a predictable result based on initial inputs.

Well-defined workflows are what differentiates a mature business from a startup. As your business matures it turns into a going concern, a collection of well-oiled business processes that can run on their own.

Pneumatic allows you to quickly build and evolve workflows for your business through iterative experimentation.

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All workflows that you run in Pneumatic are based off of workflow templates. A workflow template is a standard operating procedure that defines the inputs needed to run a new workflow of a specific type, the parameters of every stage of the workflow, including any output fields, team members the stage is to be assigned to, deadlines, conditions that must be met for each stage to be invoked or skipped.

Pneumatic templates are not set in stone and can be edited at any time, with all their running instances being updated automatically in real time.

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AI Powered
Workflow Builder

The game-changing feature greatly simplifies the workflow creation process. The user can just describe the kind of workflow they want and the system then uses AI on the backend to generate steps for the desired workflow type.

The user can then use the AI-generated workflow template as is or further edit and flesh it out to meet their specific needs.

Streamline your workflow creation process with this AI-powered feature.

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Kick-off Forms

Workflow kick-off forms can be made public so that workflows can be run from outside the system. When you share a kick-off form for a template, Pneumatic generates a link that you can then make public in any way you like: you can send it in an email or via messenger or publish it on a website.

Anyone will then be able to run a new workflow from the template by clicking on the link and supplying the necessary information. Pneumatic also allows you to customize the success URLs for shared kick-off forms.

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Multiple Tenant

Tenant Accounts allow every customer who bought their subscription directly from Pneumatic to create and manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts.

This feature is specifically tailored for BPM consultants to enable them to deliver Pneumatic-powered solutions to their clientele. Each tenant account is priced the same as the primary account. Moreover, tenants have the flexibility to add unlimited users to their accounts, providing a streamlined way for consultants to offer customized services while harnessing the full power of Pneumatic.

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White Label

White-label feature offers a powerful branding solution for businesses. It empowers customers to replace Pneumatic's native branding within the system with their own, ensuring a seamless and cohesive corporate experience.

Whether customers want to apply their corporate identity to their own account or wish to promote their brand by applying their logo and branding to the tenant accounts they establish, this feature facilitates a tailored and professional appearance.

By utilizing the White Label capability, businesses can promote their own brand consistently across all the platform interfaces.

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Guest Performers
in Tasks

You can invite external users to specific tasks as guest performers at no extra cost. Just click on Add Guest and enter the email address of the person whose input or help you want with the task. They will be able to read and add comments, and complete or return the task. Guests can be removed from tasks at any time.

There are no restrictions on the number of guests you can invite to participate in your tasks. The feature is designed to enable you to easily engage with users outside your team, but it can also be used to minimize the number of paid users you have in your account.

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Workflow Logic

Do you want to have branching workflows in which some steps get skipped or included in the workflow dynamically based on the values of the outputs received from previous steps or the inputs entered in the kick-off form? Do you want to be able to abort workflows based on dynamic inputs?

That’s what Pneumatic’s conditional workflow logic capability is designed for. You can add a condition or a chain of conditions connected with AND or OR logical statements to include or exclude a specific step or to abort the entire workflow if certain conditions are met or not met.

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Do you occasionally have all-hands on-deck situations when you want your team to prioritize a specific project? In Pneumatic you can do that with ease by labelling any workflow as urgent.

All the tasks that are part of the workflow will get brought up to the top of any list of tasks. Your team will know instantly that you want them to focus on this specific workflow.

Once the emergency blows over, you can just as easily go back and toggle the urgent switch off, to de-prioritize the workflow and let your team go back to business as usual.

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Do you have an order processing workflow, or a reach qualification workflow - as your team collect more information about the order or the lead, they can easily share it down the pipeline by utilizing workflow variables. These can also be used to dynamically assign steps to various members of your team.

You add them as kick-off form fields or workflow step output fields. Once added, they can be used in task descriptions and as task performers in all of the subsequent stages of the workflow. Make sure all performers always have easy access to the information they need.

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Make employee onboarding and orientation easy by embedding videos and graphics in your workflow steps. Tell them about your corporate culture, values, mission, market, competition and history in a series of quick engaging introductory videos.

Back those up with easy-to-understand explanatory graphics. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth at least 24 pictures per second. Make your communications several orders of magnitude more effective by using pictures and videos.

Pneumatic supports embedding videos in task descriptions and comments from the following sources: Youtube, Loom, Wistia.

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Workflow Activity

The Highlights are the latest news in the system. They show you all the latest activities with a focus on your team: who did what last. If you want to learn what’s been happening in your system just go to Highlights and see. You can then slice and dice the information by period, user or workflow/SOP.

For instance, if your sales team were supposed to have been making phone calls in a customer retention process, and you want to get the latest info about the progress made so far, Highlights is the place where you can get that information really fast.

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The Pneumatic Dashboards are where you get a birds-eye view of your system. The Dashboards let you see all the essential metrics of your system in one view - how many processes have been started, how many are in progress, how many have been completed. The same applies to tasks assigned to you.

All the metrics are broken down by workflow template and by workflow stage. Pneumatic has a Workflows dashboard in which all information is organized around workflows and a Tasks dashboard that focuses on the tasks currently assigned to the user.

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and Mentions

Communication is key to successful team work. And in order to maximize the effectiveness of communication, you want to make it as relevant as possible.

And that’s exactly our goal with the comments and mentions capability: every workflow in Pneumatic is a live communication channel in which your team can post comments and mention each other within the specific context of that workflow. When you click on a comment or mention notification, you get taken directly to the workflow where the comment was posted or you were mentioned so you can instantly see what it’s all about.

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Enhanced Editor

Do you want to highlight text in task descriptions, do you want in embed links in your descriptions or create bullet or numbered lists and more? Take advantage of our powerful WYSIWYG text editor. It comes in the form of a pop-up tool-bar that appears whenever you highlight a section of text and disappears and stays out of your way as soon as you’re done with it.

Do you want to italisize some text or turn it into a bulleted list? Just select it and our pop-up toolbar will be there to let you choose what you want to do with it.

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Multiple Ways to Start

Workflows in Pneumatic can be launched in a variety of ways:


Run workflow manually

You can launch workflow from within Pneumatic by clicking on the Run Workflow button anywhere in the system

How to start workflows

Shared kick-off forms

Via publicly shared kick-off forms by clicking on a link to a shared kick-off, filling it out and submitting it

Shareable forms

External SaaS system

Automatically in response to events in some other SaaS system linked to via Zapier or Integromat

Zapier integrations

Pneumatic public API

Automatically via our public API - you or your team can write a script to run a specific type of workflow

Pneumatic API

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