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AI-Powered Workflow Template Generation
Is Here

At Pneumatic, our goal is to continuously improve our platform to make your work easier and more efficient. We are happy to announce that our AI-powered workflow template generator has been released.

AI-Powered Workflow Design

This game-changing feature allows you to create free workflow templates by simply entering the name of the business process you want to build. Our advanced AI then generates a fully-customized template for you, tailored to your specific needs. No more scratching of the head, trying to think of what steps a business process should consist of, just ask our AI and it will generate them for you!


Your Personal BPM Consultant Included!

Our revolutionary AI-powered workflow builder is intended to act as your own private BPM consultant: just tell it what business process you need and it will build one for you. You can then use it or tweak your prompt and regenerate the steps.

Don’t miss out on harnessing the power of AI to effortlessly optimize your business processes, our AI-powered free workflow template generator is already live. Check it out now!