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Quick Product Overview

A quick intro to how you can create, manage and track the progress of workflows. See how Pneumatic can improve your team's operations: such as Content Development, Product Improvement, Bug Reporting, and others.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Pneumatic lets you easily manage live workflows in real time, facilitating it by showing the number of started, in-progress, and completed workflows in the Dashboard.
  • Users can drill down into specific workflows for more details, including progress, logs, and contextualized user interactions.
  • Workflows in Pneumatic can be easily filtered by type, starter, or performer, as well as other parameters. Users can also toggle between completed, in-progress and snoozed workflows.
  • Pneumatic is a collaboration tool, allowing different team members to work together on tasks within the same workflow and pass workflows from one team to the next, while sharing all relevant information through data fields.
  • In the My Tasks view, team members can see and complete their assigned tasks or return the workflow to the previous stage if necessary.
  • Workflow templates define unique task sequences, detailing the required information, steps, task assignment, pauses, output fields, and conditional logic.
  • Multiple concurrent workflow instances can be run from a single template, with template owners able to track progress in the Dashboard and Workflows view.