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Information Flow via Data Fields

Pneumatic allows you to build workflows that assign tasks and create task descriptions dynamically, based on user inputs, letting you seamlessly share new information throughout the workflow.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Passing information between steps: Data fields are used to transfer information from one step to another in the workflow.
  • Adding data fields to kickoff form: data fields can be added to the kick-off form to get inputs from the user when they launch a new workflow, kickoff form fields can be required or optional.
  • Reusing data fields: The data fields from the kickoff form can be utilized throughout the workflow, making sure workflow performers have easy access to the information they need to complete their tasks.
  • Every step can have its own data fields, known as output fields: these two can be required or optional. Output fields added to a specific step can be reused in any of the subsequent steps.
  • Conditional logic: data fields can be used in conditional logic to skip or optionally include steps in a workflow based on the information supplied by users via data fields.
  • All the information entered into data fields gets stored in the workflow’s log and can be accessed for review and analysis.