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Adding Guests to Tasks

Engage with external users by inviting them to your tasks as guest performers completely free of charge - the feature's available in all plans, including our forever free option.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Adding guest performers: Pneumatic allows users to involve external parties, such as customers, vendors, or freelancers, who don’t have accounts on the platform, by adding them as guest performers.
  • One-time approvals or document requests: Guest performers can be taken advantage of for one-time approvals, invoice requests, or other document submissions, streamlining interactions with external parties.
  • Inviting guest performers: Users can add a guest performer by simply clicking “Add Guest,” entering the person’s email, and clicking “Add.”
  • Secure access for guest performers: Upon receiving a personal invitation with a secure link, guest performers can access the task on Pneumatic, view the task name and description.
  • Guest performer interactions: Guest performers can leave comments and complete tasks as needed, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Removing guest performers: Users can easily remove guest performers from a task by clicking the “x” next to their email address, thus it’s easy to add a guest performer, get the necessary input from them and then delete them for better task access and participation control.