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Streamlining Certification Processes for a Leading Healthcare Professional Association

This case study explores improvements in efficiency, security, and compliance with HIPAA regulations. Learn how custom solutions, including a user-friendly web portal, private cloud deployment, and automated communications, transformed the certification experience for both applicants and staff.


In the demanding world of healthcare certification, all processes must be both efficient and secure, meeting strict regulatory standards while providing a seamless user experience. This case study highlights how a prominent healthcare professional association in the United States made use of Pneumatic Workflow to streamline their certification process and vastly improve the user experience.

Client Background

The client, a distinguished healthcare professional association, provides certification and continuing education services to healthcare professionals across the United States. A crucial consideration for them is ensuring the integrity and security of their certification process, while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations.


The association faced numerous issues with its existing certification process, including cumbersome steps that had to be completed manually by applicants, the need for secure payment collection, and integration with third-party exam providers. The complexity of managing these processes securely and efficiently, while adhering to HIPAA regulations, presented significant operational hurdles.

Solution Implemented by Pneumatic Workflow

Pneumatic Workflow developed a custom, comprehensive solution to address the unique needs of the healthcare sector, offering such essential features as:

  1. Custom Web Portal. A user-friendly, customer-facing portal was created to align with the association’s branding, facilitating document submissions, payment processes, and exam tracking.
  2. Private Cloud Deployment in Google Cloud. The system was hosted in a private cloud setup to ensure high availability, scalability, and compliance with healthcare standards.
  3. Back-end Process Management, Including:
    • Applicant Tracking: Enabling real-time tracking of each applicant’s progress through the certification process.
    • Document Management: Secure handling and storage of documents, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
    • Payment Processing: Safe and efficient payment mechanisms were integrated into the system.
    • Exam and Certification Tracking: Comprehensive monitoring and reporting on exam outcomes and certification statuses.
    • Dynamic Communication Tools: Automated communications via email and SMS to keep applicants informed throughout the process.
    • Third-Party Integrations: Enhanced system integration with existing CMS for seamless data synchronization and user management.
    • Single Sign-On (SSO): Simplified access across systems, enhancing both security and user experience.
    • Online Dashboards: Dashboards for both applicants and staff to monitor and manage certification statuses effectively.

Impact of the Solution

The deployment of Pneumatic Workflow’s tailored solution transformed the association’s certification process with several significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency: The new system allowed for clear visibility and management of hundreds of applications, streamlining processes and reducing manual workload.
  • Improved Applicant Experience: Applicants now enjoy an intuitive and straightforward process for managing their certification steps, significantly improving satisfaction and reducing frustration.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The system was designed to comply with HIPAA regulations throughout, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive applicant data.
  • Operational Scalability: The solution is robust enough to handle increasing volumes of applicants efficiently, prepared to scale with the association’s growth.


The strategic improvements implemented by Pneumatic Workflow have not only streamlined the certification process but have also positioned the healthcare professional association to better serve its community with increased efficiency and security. This case study serves as a testament to the power of targeted digital solutions in enhancing organizational operations in the healthcare sector.