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Task Management in Pneumatic

This video demonstrates where to see the tasks assigned to you. How to choose which tasks to work on. How to open and complete individual tasks.


Key points covered in the video:

  • In a big company every employee has their own job descriptions, their own functions and tasks.
  • They can utilize the Tasks dashboard to see what tasks they currently have, in which workflows and at which stages of each workflow.
  • Every task at a particular stage involves specific actions and subtasks, which can be found in the task description.
  • Some processes will involve conditional execution of tasks based on the results of the previous steps of the process.
  • Team members can communicate with each other within the context of specific workflows or tasks.
  • When a staff member gets assigned a task, they can view the log of the workflow the task belongs to in order to get up to speed on the context - where the task came from and where the process is going next.
  • A task can be completed, in which case the underlying workflow will move forward to the next stage, or it can be returned to the previous stage if there are any issues or questions.
  • Once a workflow goes through all its stages it completes, at which point a new workflow may be launched for another related process.