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Intro to Pneumatic Workflow

Workflow management shines when it comes to maximizing team velocity so Pneumatic is first and foremost a system designed for teams.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Task management becomes insufficient for teams larger than 10-15 people. As your team expands past the 2-pizza size, diseconomies of scale set in as chaos rules.
  • Mature business processes require workflow management instead of managing isolated tasks. Workflows are sequences of related tasks that different teams can work on one after another.
  • Workflows ensure seamless information sharing and prevent work from halting. With workflows, tasks get assigned to the right people automatically. A workflow is like an assembly line.
  • Pneumatic is a system that makes enterprise-grade workflow management easy and accessible  so that anyone can use it.
  • Pneumatic targets small, fast-growing startups that want to maintain productivity beyond the “two-pizza team” size and grow into a going concern that runs itself with minimal management intervention.