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Working With Workflows

Learn how to work with workflows: how to filter them, what to do with them, filter workflows by template and stage, view them, choose one, return it to a previous stage, make a clone, show how to run a shared workflow.


Key points covered in the video:

  • Workflows view: Displays all workflows the user has access to, with options to toggle between in-progress, completed, and snoozed workflows.
  • Filtering workflows: Users can filter workflows by workflow type, current performer, and workflow starter.
  • Workflow arrangement: Workflows are arranged in reverse chronological order, with urgent and overdue ones at the top.
  • Workflow details: Hovering over a workflow shows its current stage, while clicking on it reveals its full information, log, and comments from the team.
  • Adding comments: Users can add comments, mention team members, and upload files, videos, or images in the workflow view.
  • Workflow actions: Actions available include ending the workflow, returning to a previous stage, cloning the workflow, editing the template, toggling its urgent status.
  • Dot menu: Workflow actions can also be accessed via the dot menu on the workflow tile.
  • Cloning workflows: Users can create a new workflow with the exact same kickoff form parameters as an existing one by cloning the existing workflow.
  • Deleting can be permanently deleted from the system.