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Zero Code Integrations

Learn how you can quickly connect Pneumatic to your other apps via the Zapier and Make integration platforms. If you’re using one of the apps supported by Zapier and/or Make, you can hook it up to Pneumatic via one or both of those platforms without having to write a single line of code. Just point, click and integrate.

What they are

Zero code integrations are integration solutions that allow you to connect Pneumatic to other SaaS apps without writing a line of code. Pneumatic offers free out-of-the-box zero code integration through Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat):


Both platforms work pretty much the same way, even though they use somewhat different nomenclature.

How they work

Both systems work based on the same principle. You create an integration (called a zap in Zapier and a scenario in Make) by choosing which app you’re going to be connecting to which other app:


Then you specify which event in one app is going to trigger which event in the other app:


The systems use web hooks so Zapier or Make will get notified automatically when the specified event happens in the source app and will then trigger the corresponding event in the target app.

What they are for

These kinds of integrations offer you an extra level of automation that is easy to set up and use. For instance, you can set up a zap in Zapier that automatically runs a new employee onboarding workflow whenever a new employee record is created in your HR app, or you can create a scenario in Make in which whenever a new content development workflow is launched in Pneumatic, a new empty Google Docs document is automatically created and linked to the new process.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online integration platform that lets you easily set up integrations, known as zaps, between Pneumatic and a host of other apps it supports.


The downside is that the amount of triggers and actions available in Zapier and Make for Pneumatic is limited as is the number of apps you can integrate Pneumatic with via Zapier or Make.

If you’re using an SaaS app that’s not on Zapier or Make or if you want to integrate Pneumatic with your custom CRM/ERP system, you need to use Pneumatic’s public API.