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Zero Code Integrations

Learn how you can quickly connect Pneumatic to your other apps via the Zapier and Make integration platforms. If you’re using one of the apps supported by Zapier and/or Make, you can hook it up to Pneumatic via one or both of those platforms without having to write a single line of code. Just point, click and integrate.

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Uploading Files via API

Learn about how to upload files to Pneumatic through the public API, and attach them to new workflows. Uploading and attaching files is a two-step process in which you first upload the file, then publish it and generate a unique attachment ID for it, which you can then include in kick-off forms for one or several new workflows programmatically.

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Launching Multiple Workflows From Google Sheets

Let’s consider a situation where we want to launch multiple workflows in Pneumatic automatically based on some tabulated inputs that we have in a Google sheets spreadsheet.

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Exporting Values From Workflow Data Fields

Pneumatic workflows allow you to add multiple custom data fields to the kickoff form and each stage of the process. What if I told you how you could get the values of those data fields from outside Pneumatic and put them, for example, in a Google Sheets spreadsheet in tabulated format? You can do that by taking advantage of Pneumatic’s public API.

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Crash Course: Upgrading Your Business From Tasks to Workflows

Find out about how you can take your business to the next level by using workflows to turn it into a super efficient lean and mean machine that can run itself. SOP-based workflows have the power to elevate your business from the creative mess of never-ending all-hands-on-deck situations to the status of a going concern that reliably delivers predictable results.

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Pneumatic Premium vs Process Street Pro

Pneumatic and Process Street are very closely matched when it comes to workflow management capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the features found in their paid plans and how they compare to each other.

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Free Pneumatic vs Free Process Street

Pneumatic and Process Street are both top of the line workflow management products that share a lot of similarities. Both offer “free-forever” plans. Let’s take a look at what these free plans have to offer.

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