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Store Safety Inspection

A process designed to manage and track store inspections and their results.

Supplier Development

This process helps in finding the best supplier and solution for a company's needs.

Supplier Performance Analysis

An organized process for managing and evaluating supplier performance intuitively.

Supply Chain Management

Construct an annual business supply plan, from purchase of raw materials to their arrival.

360-Degree Feedback

A comprehensive performance evaluation process that gathers insights from various sources including managers, peers, subordinates, and self-assessments.

5S Auditing

Pneumatic 5S Auditing template makes it easy to regularly conduct a 5S audit process, creating a continuous improvement cycle that keeps items organized and eliminates waste.

5S Methodology

The 5S Methodology is a system designed to organize and standardize the workplace for efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. This methodology is easy to understand and implement with the help of Pneumatic 5S Methodology template.

5W2H Analysis

The 5W2H Analysis is a business process designed to define, investigate, and address problems. It involves answering seven crucial questions to formulate an action plan and report.

8 Disciplines Problem Solving

A structured problem-solving approach designed for quality control teams to resolve issues in the company and keep track of the process.

9-Box Performance Grid

Manage your employees’ performance and potential using a proven talent management method.

Access Requests — Remote Work

This process manages access requests for remote work to ensure company security.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable process is a critical business function that involves the management of payments to suppliers for products or services procured. The process includes the verification of invoices, approval acquisition, cost-saving identification, and timely payment release.

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