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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable process involves evaluating and extending credit to clients, collecting timely payments for services provided, and maintaining healthy cash flow.

Admin Service Request

The Admin Service Request process is designed to manage and streamline all administrative services within an organization. These services, which include facilities maintenance, record keeping, and health and safety policy management, are fundamental to the efficiency and overall upkeep of the organization.

Agency Project Development

A comprehensive system for managing agency project developments from inception to delivery.

Agile Software Development

A template to streamline and customize your agile development process for efficient workflow.

Apartment Hunting

A systematic process to analyze and compare various apartments based on several factors such as location, features, size, costs, priorities, etc., to find the most suitable one.

App Development Process

Centralize your customer requests and manage your project's cycle in a simple and effective way.

Application Maintenance and Support

This process aims to manage and organize the support issues reported in a business using a kanban model.

Asset and Leasing Management

This process aims at managing real estate assets and their leasing status effectively.

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management process is designed to efficiently track and manage employee time and attendance, including time in and out, working hours, and leave requests.

Auction Process

An auction is a process of selling items through a bidding system. This process involves registering each item, setting the auction date, and tracking the sale process.

Bid Pipeline for Construction

This business process is designed to identify bid opportunities for construction projects, providing valuable information about both clients and contractors.

Bike Rental Management

A comprehensive process to manage and track bike rentals for bike rental shops.

Blank Form

An online builder used to create fully-customized forms, collect all responses in a single place and boost your team productivity.

Brokerage Pipeline

Manage your real estate selling and brokerage process. Schedule meetings, property visitations and more in a single kanban style interface.

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