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Corporate Gift Request

The Corporate Gift Request process is designed to enhance positive association with prospects, customers, employees, and clients through the management and tracking of corporate gifts.

Cost Allocation - Product Pricing

The business process 'Cost Allocation - Product Pricing' is designed to ensure correct product pricing by storing and controlling necessary information.

Course opening

The process of forming classes for different courses, starting from student registration to the commencement of classes.

Database update

Pneumatic Database Update Template is a process used whenever a user needs to request updates to their information database.

Deal Flow for Venture Capital

Pneumatic's Deal Flow for Venture Capital is a structured process designed to facilitate the closing of big deals for venture capital companies.


Pneumatic's DMAIC is a business process based on Six Sigma's continuous improvement methodology designed to solve issues or improve any process in an optimized manner.

Document Management

A process to request, manage, and track documents in a single tool.

Document Notarization for Mortgage

A structured workflow designed to streamline the notarization process for mortgage documentation, ensuring all paperwork is correctly signed, scheduled and verified.

Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Pneumatic ECO Template is designed to help you make changes to the scope of work outlined in an original project contract.

Enterprise Feature Request

The Enterprise Feature Request process is designed to enhance agility and accuracy in the qualification of Requests, thereby improving the quality of services/products and boosting productivity.

Facilities Delivery

Our Facilities Delivery process allows the facilities team to have better control of the new installation requests.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management process is designed to manage requests for facilities adjustments, including maintenance, workstation setups, parking permits, cleaning, and other services.

Franchise Opening

The Franchise Opening process is designed to simplify and streamline the various activities and documentation required when opening a franchise.

House Construction

Pneumatic House Construction Template is designed to assist individuals starting to build a house, providing guidance on the steps required from land acquisition to project completion.

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