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Our Workflow Template Generator recognizes your specific needs and requirements and generates custom workflow templates in moments, just give it a few pointers about what kind of workflow you need.

Logistics Strategy and Order Filling

This business process aims to improve the logistics process for loading and unloading trucks with products to enhance efficiency and minimize errors.

Material Planning Purchase

Pneumatic Materials Planning and Purchase Template is a new way to organize your flow more effectively. Analyze your request, plan your materials purchase, and control the materials needed in your projects.

Meeting Schedule Confirmation

Meeting Schedule Confirmation is a process that ensures better control of commercial meetings and guarantees the attendance and punctuality of participants.

NDA Requests

A workflow to streamline NDA requests, enhancing communication and collaboration across your business and clients.

Office Ergonomics Workstation Assessment

The Office Ergonomics Workstation Assessment is designed to evaluate if an employee's workstation is suitable for their needs. It provides guidance on setting up and maintaining a healthy workspace environment.

Order to Cash

The Order to Cash process is a comprehensive workflow designed to centralize orders, automate communication, and streamline the sending of proposals and other documents. It is easily integrated with your existing toolset.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational change must be planned and mapped, so Pneumatic Organizational Change Management Template is designed for those who want to evaluate every single risk and consequential impact within their company.

Patent Application

Pneumatic's Patent Application is designed to assist inventors in filling out a patent application or request a review of it. It also provides an overview of the whole process this request will go through until it's approved.

Personalized gift requests

This business process is intended for companies that sell personalized gifts, and are looking to streamline the management of their requests, from budgeting to delivery.

Pet shop scheduling grooming

The Pet Shop Scheduling process is designed for pet shops that want to manage animal bathing and shearing requests, including in the process the scheduling and payment.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Request

The PPE Request process is designed to manage the personal protective equipment requests within an organization.

Preventive Maintenance Planning

This process focuses on scheduling, performing, and repairing in a maintenance process for a specific equipment or tool.

Price Quotation

The Price Quotation process is designed to manage the process of obtaining price quotations. It organizes the products and services for which a quote is needed and keeps track of all suppliers that can meet your needs.

Pricing Strategy and Cost Analysis

This all-in-one framework works as a Cost Analysis Template and as a Pricing Strategy Template, so you can easily plan your business next steps and ensure high profitable growth. Build an efficient pricing management process with Pneumatic.

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