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Sales and Legal Contracts

This process is intended to manage and track the progress of sales and legal contracts.

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

This process is designed for car maintenance shops that need to manage their scheduled vehicle maintenance services.

School Enrollment

The School Enrollment business process is designed to assist in the enrollment process of any school, managing vacancy requests, the vacancy waitlist, and the enrollment process.

School year planning for franchise schools

This process helps schools organize their new calendar for the next class period.

Screening Process

The Screening Process is a vital step in Venture Capital investments where potential companies are analyzed for potential investments.

Service Configuration & Activation for Telecom

With Pneumatic Service Configuration & Activation Template for Telecom you can manage your requests and their progress. All in a very clean and intuitive manner.

Service Management & Operations

Pneumatic SM&O Support & Readiness Template is designed to help establish, manage, and administer a Telecom service inventory. It aids in delivering the best possible services to your company.

Service Strategy and Planning

Pneumatic Service Strategy and Planning template is designed to assist telecommunication organizations in analyzing launching strategies for new services or enhancing existing services.

Simple To-do List

A streamlined approach to managing tasks and projects using a Kanban board for efficient task tracking and completion.

Startup Acceleration Program

This business process pertains to the Pneumatic Startup Acceleration Program Template, which is designed for companies that specialize in helping startups accelerate their growth and manage their acceleration programs.

Stock Inventory Audit

The Stock Inventory Audit is a process designed to manage an inventory, comparing whether a product amount in the system is the same as the one in the manual count.

Storage Control

The Storage Control process is designed to manage the handling of each product in the storage process, from its arrival at the company until it's outbound.

Store Safety Inspection

This process is designed to manage and keep track of store inspections and their results, ensuring all safety aspects are thoroughly inspected.

Supplier Development

The Supplier Development process is designed to assist your team in finding the most suitable supplier and solution for a product or service that your company requires. This could be for a recurrent or specific need.

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