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How to Create Interactive Workflows

Interactivity by Default

Workflow interactivity is crucial to streamlining your organization’s operations, and Pneumatic is a powerful tooldesigned with workflow interactivity in mind. All Pneumatic workflows are interactive by default, requiring action from users to complete tasks and move workflows along.

Extra Options for Added Interactivity

But Pneumatic offers much more than just basic workflow interactivity. With the host of features Pneumatic includes, you can create workflows that are truly engaging and dynamic. Here are several ways you can add interactivity to your workflows.

Include checklists

With Pneumatic, you can add checklists to workflow steps, ensuring that users complete all necessary subtasks before moving on to the next stage. This feature is essential if you want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Add required Output Fields

You can also require users to fill out specific output fields before they can complete a task. These values can then be used in workflow conditions to include or skip specific steps based on user input.

Include pictures and videos in step descriptions.

To make your workflow even more engaging, you can add pictures and videos to each step. This is particularly useful for onboarding processes or educational tours, where you can have users watch videos, answer questions and supply information about themselves.

Integrate your workflows with third-party apps

For even more interactivity, you can integrate your workflows with third-party apps through Zapier or the API. Through integration, you can direct users to the applications they need to complete tasks, or alternatively, you can have tasks completed automatically based on specific actions taken in third-party apps.

Gamification of Business Processes through Interactivity

By taking advantage of these features, you can create highly interactive workflows that engage your users and gamify your business processes so that working at your company will feel like completing quests in a role-playing game. And it’s a truth universally acknowledged that when people enjoy their work, their productivity soars, and they’re always willing to give it the proverbial 110%.