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Get the Workflows That Can Wait out of Sight by Snoozing Them

How to snooze and resume workflows

The new Snooze feature allows you to put workflows on hold. It helps declutter your interface in both the Workflows and My Tasks views by letting you hide workflows that no meaningful work can be done on for the time being.

How to Snooze/Resume Workflows

  • Workflows can be snoozed for a day, a week or a month.
  • Snoozed workflows can be manually resumed at any time.
  • You snooze workflows the same way you make them urgent, i.e. via the three dot menu on the workflow tile
  • When a workflow is snoozed it disappears from your view of in-progress workflows.
  • There is now a special view for snoozed workflows.
  • The current task of a snoozed workflow also disappears from the My Tasks view of its assigned performers.

Why Snooze Workflows?

So you now have three options for managing your team’s focus:

  • you can priortize workflows by making them urgent and sending them to the top of all views
  • you can deprioritize workflows by snoozing them and hiding them from all views (except for the snoozed workflows view)
  • you can do nothing and let a workflow be completed at the default pace