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Zapier Integration

One way to set up integrations between Pneumatic and other apps is through online integration platforms. One such popular platform is Zapier. In this article, we look at the standard step-by-step process of setting up a simple “zap” that creates a new Google document for every new workflow launched in Pneumatic.

What is Zapier

Zapier is an online zero-code integration platform that allows you to set up trigger-action type of links between different SaaS apps. The basic principle is very simple - you choose a trigger in one app and then specify an action for it in another app.

Creating New Google Docs for Each New Workflow

Let’s consider a simple example: suppose we want to create a new Google doc for every new workflow we run in Pneumatic. We’d start by clicking on Create Zap:

Create zap

This would cause Zapier to ask us for a trigger:


For our scenario we first need to choose Pneumatic as the app that’s going to be the source of our trigger as soon as we do, Zapier wants us to pick a trigger event in Pneumatic:


The trigger event for our scenario is Workflow Started. Clicking on Test Trigger will show us what data are available in your typical workflow:

Workflow Started in Pneumatic

Now for the action, in our case, we’re going to choose Google Docs:

Google docs

And choose Create Document from Text as our target action:

Create Document from text in Google Docs

We now get to configure our action by essentially choosing the data that we want to get from Pneumatic and put in our document:

Create Document from text in google docs

Since we’re building a rudimentary log here, I’ll be recording the description from the kick off form as the name of the document and the data of creation of the workflow will be recorded in the text.

Once we save and enable the zap, every time a new workflow is created in Pneumatic I will get a new document in my google drive:

Content Development (Draft)

Ready to Go Zap Templates

You can also create new zaps for Pneumatic based on the Pneumatic zap templates we’ve supplied. Our library of zap templates is constantly being added to. Check it out - creating a new zap from a template is even easier as the basic structure will already have been created for you and all the basic options will have been pre-selected.