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Free Pneumatic vs
Free Process Street

Pneumatic and Process Street are both top of the line workflow management products that share a lot of similarities. Both offer “free-forever” plans. Let’s take a look at what these free plans have to offer.

Pneumatic Process Street
Number of fully-functional users 5 1
Number of active
workflow templates
5 — Pneumatic’s free plan lets you have up to 5 active workflow templates 1 — in PS’s free plan you only get 1 active workflow (standard operating procedure)
Number of active
workflows (workflow runs)
Unlimited - you can have as many running workflows in your system as you want You can only have 1 workflow run at a time
Free members X — no such thing as free members for the time being Unlimited free members
Workflow Highlights Unlimited access on the free plan X — no such feature
Pages X — no such feature Unlimited pages
Integrations Unlimited integrations through Zapier, Make and a public API 100 integration actions per month
Storage Unlimited with 100MB file size Unlimited but up to 5 MB per file
Support Via intercom and email Email and chat support
Paid plan features (conditional workflows, shared kick-off forms etc) All core features are included but you can
only have one workflow template and one running workflow at a time.

Total summary

Process Street gives you a taste of the full functionality of the system but it limits this taste to a single workflow and a single workflow run.

Pneumatic gives you access to somewhat limited functionality but with 5 workflow templates and unlimited workflows, you get a system that can actually be used in production.

Pneumatic Premium vs Process Street Pro

Pneumatic and Process Street are very closely matched workflow management systems. Check out our side-by-side comparison of their paid features.